The way we go about our business is also important to us. We passionately believe in respecting our customers and our promises.

We’re always working to reduce the effect of energy-guzzling refrigerated displays in the UK. We stick to this principle not just when we’re finding solutions on existing refrigeration, but also in all the new cabinets we offer.

Choosing and manufacturing only equipment that is genuinely low energy, while still keeping products competitive, is not always easy. But we try to balance our offer to provide sensible energy savings, without increasing the payback too much.

We at Pastorfrigor GB Limited are passionate about energy-efficient refrigerated equipment.

Pastorfrigor was formed in 1964 as the result of a resourceful idea by Bruno Pastorello

He decided to increase his business from local trade of shelving for shops to distribution of refrigerated serve over counters. It was a winning idea and, in 1966, he started to produce his first refrigerated serve over counters, display cases and cabinets, completely designed in a factory in Casale Monferrato.

1970s – 1980s

After a year, San Giorgio Monferrato plant was open, covering over 1,800 square metres and helping the Company to meet the growing market demand. 1973 marked another important step in Pastorfrigor history: the beginning of its expansion abroad and the opening of French, Belgian, Swiss and Israeli markets.

The traditional refrigerated serve over counter, specifically those for meat and deli shops, together with the implementation of the product range with plug-in units (like back counter units and wall cabinets), have led Pastorfrigor to become a leading brand both in Italy and abroad. This successful trend had been lasting during all the 70s, and in 1983 it was necessary to expand San Giorgio Monferrato plant up to 5,000 square meters.


In 1992, Pastorkalt was founded in Slovakia, at first as a joint-venture for assembling, but later soon it turned into a stand-alone company for design and production, and competitive worldwide.

In 1997 Pastorfrigor moved to Terruggia, 10 kilometres far from Casale Monferrato; here a new production plant was built and also set up as the company headquarters. Due to the following implementations, it has reached 17,000 squared metres indoor at present.

The same year, Pastorfrigor acquired the majority of Pannelli Isolanti srl, a company specialized in the manufacturing of cold rooms and located in San Giorgio Monferrato. The purpose was to complete the product range and satisfy all the needs coming from the refrigeration business.


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