The way we go about our business is also important to us. We passionately believe in respecting our customers and our promises.

We’re always working to reduce the effect of energy-guzzling refrigerated displays in the UK. We stick to this principle not just when we’re finding solutions on existing refrigeration, but also in all the new cabinets we offer.

Choosing and manufacturing only equipment that is genuinely low energy, while still keeping products competitive, is not always easy. But we try to balance our offer to provide sensible energy savings, without increasing the payback too much.

We at Pastorfrigor GB Limited are passionate about energy-efficient refrigerated equipment.

Since launching Delta Chiller Doors in 2011, we’ve become regarded as the UK market leader in refrigerated energy solutions, with customers including Musgrave, Booker Premier, SPAR, Nisa and Costcutter.

In August 2016, we joined forces with one of Europe’s leading refrigeration suppliers, Italian company Pastorfrigor, to become Pastorfrigor GB Limited. Our deal with Pastorfrigor brought us a huge opportunity to see growth into new areas, thanks to our extended range of equipment.

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