GENOVA Panorama MC


A display cabinet which is already anticipating the pressing restrictions and the parameters for refrigerant gasses which will become compulsory in 2020. Genova Micro Channel is the sole “plug-in” refrigerated display case, fully conceived and manufactured by exploiting the “micro-channel” heat-exchange technology. This cabinet not only grants a significant consumptions cut but also a massive reduction of the gas charge. The above by using natural gas like Propane within the boundaries recommended by the imperative European Regulations in terms of security.


Class: 3H(+1°C÷+10°C), 3M0(-1°C÷+4°C), 3M1(-1°C÷+5°C), 3M2(-1°C÷+7°C)

Beer and WineChilled DrinksDairy, Milk & CheeseFood to goFruit & VegetablesPacked Meat & FishReady MealsSausages & SalamiSnacks & Sandwiches

Merchandising Profile:
Beer and Wine, Chilled Drinks, Dairy, Milk & Cheese, Food to go, Fruit & Vegetables, Packed Meat & Fish, Ready Meals, Sausages & Salami, Snacks & Sandwiches

GENOVA Panorama MC
GENOVA Panorama MC
GENOVA Panorama MC
GENOVA Panorama MC
GENOVA Panorama MC
GENOVA Panorama MCGENOVA Panorama MCGENOVA Panorama MCGENOVA Panorama MC


  • Innovative Microchannel Technology
  • R290 natural gas
  • Ultra-panoramic hinged and double glazed doors
  • Flat top canopy
  • Vertical LED lighting
  • Unit with ON / OFF Compressor with air condensation
  • Off-cycle defrosting
  • Condensate drain by hot gas evaporation system
  • Control panel with electronic controller
  • EC Fans
  • PVC Bumper
  • PVC price label holder for shelves and base
  • 5/6 shelves


  • Unit with compressor + inverter for air condensation
  • Unit with compressor + inverter for water condensation
  • Stainless Steel bumper
  • Sliding and double glazed doors
  • Ultra panoramic screen-printed sidewalls
  • Panoramic screen-printed sidewalls
  • Blind sidewalls
  • Blind and mirrored sidewalls
  • Shelf LED lighting
  • Additional shelves row
  • Product stopper - one row
  • Plexiglass dividers
  • Panoramic and double glazed divider
  • Painted bottom grids
  • Painted divider grids
  • Optional colors for sidewalls
  • Interior optional colors
  • Exterior optional colors
  • Multiplexing kit
  • Wooden crate

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Title Dimensions (mm)
Length without side walls mm 1250, 1875, 2500, 3750
Length with side walls mm 1310, 1935, 1939, 2560, 3810
Pair side walls thickness mm 60
Depth mm 750, 850
Height mm 2050, 2160
Height front mm 348
Shelf depth mm 400, 500

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