“Discover how Greggs revolutionised energy efficiency with Genova OV Doors. They achieved significant savings and enhanced the customer experience. Greggs' commitment to sustainability is evident in their partnership with Genova, installing energy-efficient doors nationwide. Results include reduced energy consumption, lower costs, and a positive environmental impact. With Genova OV Doors, Greggs found a cost-effective solution that aligned with their values and improved store functionality. Join Greggs on their greener journey and experience the power of energy-efficient solutions with Genova.”

Project overview

In 2022, Pastorfrigor partnered with Greggs to pioneer sustainable solutions in their first-ever Eco Store in Billing, Northampton. Our A-rated Genova OV cabinets were chosen to enhance the eco-friendly design. After a successful trial, these cabinets have been integrated into 70% of Greggs stores, including re-sites and franchises. Pastorfrigor's collaboration with Greggs demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency in the food retail industry. Join us in celebrating this milestone achievement and experience our sustainable solutions in select Greggs locations nationwide.

What did Pastorfrigor install?

In addition to the Genova OV Doors, Pastorfrigor GB has introduced a rear feed option for Drive Thru outlets. These outlets are more spacious than the typical Greggs stores, enhancing their visibility in areas frequented by commuters, employees, and motorists. The Filip GR Eco-design, which boasts a B energy efficiency rating, has received complete approval.

What were the results?

Looking to the future, we aim to broaden our support for Greggs by providing refrigeration solutions that prioritize energy efficiency. This commitment is at the core of our operations, and we ensure it is complemented by comprehensive customer service and after-sales support.

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