Creative Refrigeration Solutions Tailored to your Forecourt requirements

Pastorfrigor Solutions for Forecourt

Introducing our Forecourt range. Enjoy a hassle-free setup with quick installation and convenient site access solutions. Our energy-efficient technology ensures reduced energy consumption and lower running costs, while easy maintenance minimises downtime and maximises efficiency. This makes our Forecourt range the perfect solution for your retail needs, providing reliable performance and cost savings. Enhance your operations with our innovative, user-friendly products designed to streamline your processes and boost your business’s overall efficiency.

Forecourt Casestudies

Genova OV Doors

Genova OV Doors

Introducing the Genova OV Doors integral: Economical at just 64p per day per metre, this Ecodesign Energy class A cabinet is best in class. Independently tested for reliability, the entire chilled range plugs into a standard 13amp socket, offering retailers the most energy-efficient and flexible solution available. Trust Genova OV for superior performance and cost-effectiveness.

Genova OV ES Frozen

Introducing the upgraded Genova OV Frozen! The new ES version incorporates advanced energy-saving technology, proudly matching the chilled ranges of Genova and Kalifornia. Boasting an impressive Ecodesign Energy Class B rating, it’s the most energy-efficient frozen food display cabinet available. Frozen food storage just became more efficient and eco-friendly with the Genova OV ES Frozen.

Genova OV ES