“Stuart Machin, M&S CEO commented: “I talk a lot about the ‘magic of M&S’ - and a key part of this is our commitment to innovation. It’s in our DNA and, along with our unique model of own brand, long term supplier partnerships, it’s how we deliver the quality and trust our customers expect from us. “By turning our obsession with innovation towards climate change and tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit of our suppliers we can turbo charge our drive to be a Net Zero business across all our operations and entire supply chain by 2040. I’m excited by the big difference these small changes could make to some of the toughest climate challenges we face.””

Project overview

M&S has been focused on transforming their Food business to make it more appealing to a wider audience. They are committed to preserving the essence of what makes their Food business special, while also modernising other aspects. Their strategy involves safeguarding the elements that their customers cherish the most: outstanding quality, rigorous sourcing standards, and innovative offerings. At the same time, they are working on modernising the supply chains, enhancing the stores, and providing better value for customers.

What did Pastorfrigor install?

For the past five years, Pastorfrigor has been providing refrigeration solutions. We started with a successful freezer replacement program, introducing the Lipari Combi and then expanding to include the Genova chilled drink and Sara Q impulse cabinets in the food halls. Working with such an innovative and prestigious brand is a privilege, and we are excited about the opportunity to expand our product portfolio into Marks & Spencer's stores.