“We are delighted with the quality of the equipment from Pastorfrigor GB. The cabinets look stunning in the store and Pastorfrigor always look after our needs. Pastorfrigor have worked closely with us to ensure we have everything we need out of our refrigeration and this goes on long after the installation, we are about to add a Genova frozen food cabinet to the store finished in Stainless Steel which will look fantastic and further proves the versatility of the Pastorfrigor offer.”

Project overview

H Mart are opening "Food to Go" stores in London under the "Oseyo" brand and provide Korean food on the go.
K Culture
The rise in popularity of Korean food and culture can be attributed to the ‘hallyu’ translated Korean wave. As South Korea became a more wealthy country, many of the Korean dramas and Korean pop music became popular overseas.
Now these dramas and Kpop videos rake in millions of views on social media such as YouTube, as well as the many Korean crocking channels such as Maangchi who has 1.67 million subscribers on YouTube. We have experience of this buzz of excitement for the culture and food at our stores and wish to expand and fill these interests.

What did Pastorfrigor install?

Filip 450 AK stainless steel integral multidecks with LED lighting, acrylic shelves and crisp baskets. These cabinets feature a polished Stainless Steel finish which really lifts the look and feel of the equipment.

We also installed the Stainless Steel Genova BT 2 Door frozen food to the store that will match the existing chilled equipment.

What were the results?

Korean food in the last couple of years has become incredibly popular with a surge in demand for Korean food and products. It is well known that Korean food which consists of many vegetables are healthy, which is why Koreans also have a long life expectancy. This has led to an increased interest in Korean food also.

At this store, they sell everything from ingredients for Korean BBQ, soy sauces, Korean miso pastes to quick snacks and goodies for students.

Pastorfrigor look forward to a long and healthy relationship with Oseyo sharing the passion for great store design and fantastic products.