All new Genova OV range 2020

Building on the success of the previous model, we launched our new Genova OV Glass Door at Euroshop 2020. At Pastorfrigor we continue to demonstrate how we are able to drive the latest technology and innovation into our world class integral equipment.

Pastorfrigor Genova Panorama MC


The new glass door model features new evaporators, fans and controls to deliver greater reliability and outstanding energy savings.

Even Lower Energy Bills

The 2020 Genova OV-GD delivers an extra 25% energy saving over the older model. That means a 2.5m model costs just £1 per day to run!


Classic Solution
Previous Solution New Overview GD Solution
Consumption 24.5 kW 12.9 kW 9.3 kW -62%
GWP 1,674 3 3  
TEWI 6,029   1433 -76%
Energy cost £975 £517 £372* -62%

* Figures based on GENOVA OV 75 H20 M1 GD 2500

It’s very quiet

The running noise is as low as 54DbA – compare that to the typical noise experienced in the average convenience store and 54DbA is practicably a whisper!

Pastorfrigor Genova Panorama MC

Less heat in your store

The new evaporator technology and natural refrigerant used in the Genova OV range means that the cabinet will increase the ambient temperature by only 2c – in technical terms that is just over 0.85 kwh or 2,809 BTU’s per 2.5m section. We do, however, recommend that your store is air conditioned for optimal cabinet performance.

No more warm chocolate

A valid alternative to remote

The significant reduction in energy consumption. The noticeable lowering of the noise level and heat rejection compared to standard integrals makes the Genova Overview an exceedingly valid alternative to a conventional remote system.

Our new Genova OV range provides every possible solution a store needs; from glass door to open chillers, low, mid height islands and complementary full glass door frozen food cases.

Replace your refrigeration equipment overnight with the new Genova Overview range and you will only need to plug it in to a standard 13 amp socket and you are good to go.

No more warm chocolate

Genova OV – GD Range

H205 P75
H216 P75
H205 P85
H216 P85

Genova OV – Open Range

H205 P75
H216 P75
H205 P85
H216 P85

Genova OV – Low-Mid Height Range

H205 P85
H216 P75
H205 P75
H205 P85
H205 P85


  • 400mm shelving (P75)
  • 500mm shelving (P90)
  • 39mm ticket edging
  • Panoramic hinged doors (GD)
  • Sliding doors (GD)
  • Vertical LED (GD)
  • Canopy LED (Open)
  • Temperature class 3M1
  • R290 refrigerant (HT)
  • R290/R455a refrigerant (LT)
  • Removable condenser grill
  • PVC bumper
  • Hot gas defrost
  • Dixcell controller
  • New generation EC fans
  • Anti-spark components
  • New evaporator design
  • Silver external
  • White internal
  • 13 amp UK plug


  • GD – Hinge glass door
  • GDS – Sliding glass door
  • Open
  • LED shelf lighting
  • BWS shelving
  • Produce racking
  • Hanging pin bars
  • Crisp baskets
  • Shelf risers
  • Mirrored end walls
  • Glazed end walls
  • Special cabinet finishes
  • Stainless steel bumper
  • Temperature Class 3M0 (GD models)
  • Inverters
  • Mixed air/water condensing
  • Cladding

Genova Overview

Genova Panorama MC Colours
Genova Panorama MC
  93 125
187 234 250 375
Genova OV P75 / P90 GD H165/H205/H216      
Genova OV P75 / P90 Open H150/H165/H205/H216      
Genova OV P75 R290 Frozen Food H205/H216          
Genova OV P75 R455a Frozen Food H205/H216          

P = Depth H = Height

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