Genova Panorama MC

We are extremely proud to have won the NFRN Eco-initiative of the year 2017 and to be shortlisted for three industry awards with the RAC and ACR.

RAC Cooling Finalist 2017
NFRN Winner 2017
ACR Finalist 2018
Pastorfrigor Genova Panorama MC


The Genova Panorama MC demonstrates that Pastorfrigor are at the cutting edge of not just design but technology. The Genova Panorama MC is the ideal solution to maximise chilled display fully optimised with technology and efficiency.

…but with a real difference!

Lower Energy Bills

Uses 47% Less energy than a standard glass door integral multideck.

That’s a saving of £440 per year for a 2.5m section.


Classic Solution

Micro Channel

Consumption 24.5 12.9 – 47%
GWP 1,674 3 (F-gas ready)
TEWI 6,029 2,354 – 60%
Energy cost £975* £517 – 47%

* Figures based on GENOVA Model: LF2500 – Plug-in cabinet with glass doors

It’s very quiet

The running noise is as low as 52DbA – Compare that to the typical noise in a convenience store that is practicably a whisper!

Pastorfrigor Genova Panorama MC

Less heat in your store

The Micro Channel technology and refrigerant used in the Genova Panorama MC means that the cabinet will increase the ambient temperature by only 2c in technical terms that is just 0.85 kwh or 2,809 BTU’s per 2.5m section.

No more warm chocolate

A valid alternative to remote

The significant reduction in energy consumption. The noticeable lowering of the noise level and heat rejection compared to a normal integral makes the Genova Panorama MC a more than valid alternative to a conventional remote system.

Open your store sooner with the Genova Panorama MC you only need to plug it into a standard 13amp socket and away you go.

No more warm chocolate
H205 P75
H216 P75
H205 P85
H216 P85


  • Tier 400mm Shelving (P75 Only)
  • Tier 500mm Shelving (P85 Only)
  • 39mm Epos Ticket edging
  • Panoramic hinged doors
  • Vertical LED Lighting
  • Temperature Class 3M1
  • R290 Refrigerant
  • 13-amp UK Plug top
  • Removable Condenser grill
  • PVC Bumper
  • Air condensing unit
  • Hot gas defrost
  • Standard Controller
  • Low Energy Fans
  • Silver ext. / White int.


  • LED Shelf lighting
  • LED Canopy lighting
  • Sliding Doors
  • Additional shelves
  • Beers & Wines Shelving
  • Produce Racking
  • Crisp Baskets
  • Hanging Bars
  • Acrylic shelf risers
  • Acrylic shelf dividers
  • System Dividers
  • Pizza Racks
  • Mirrored end walls
  • Glazed end walls
  • Special RAL Colours
  • Stainless Steel bumpers
  • Temperature Class 3M0
  • Inverter
  • Mixed Air/Water Condensation

Genova Panorama MC

Genova Panorama MC Colours
Genova Panorama MC



P75 H2050
P75 H2150
P85 H2050
P85 H2150
End Walls (Pair) 2 x 40mm (80mm)

P = Depth H = Height

A Force of Nature

Would you prefer to completely eliminate heat rejection from your store refrigeration?

Pastorfrigor Genova Panorama MC

Water Loop System

The Genova Panama MC display cabinet can pre-prepared for both air and water condensation so you could have air (winter) and water (summer).

No more warm chocolate

Your value of choice lives in the future


F-Gas Ready

Designed and conceived using R290 Refrigerant, the Genova Panorama MC is designed to fully meet the parameters set by the EU and to be utilised beyond the 2020 deadline for lower GWP refrigerants.

F-Gas Ready

Micro Channel Technology

Micro channel evaporators and condensers are significantly smaller compared to standard copper and finned types

Greater Recyclability

Aluminium total weight 6.2kg

Small Dimensions

80% smaller than a standard evaporator

Reduced Consumption

On average 25% to 50% with a combination of lower gas charge and efficient refrigerants such as R290.

Less Weight

30% Less than standard evaporator

Low Gas Charge

60% Reduction with HFC and 80% with HC

Minimal Environmental Impact

Overall a greener solution for the planet

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