Every hour, someone in the world is injured or killed by a landmine or unexploded bomb.

42% of these casualties are children.

MAG aims to save lives and rebuild futures by removing and destroying landmines and unexploded bombs from communities affected by war and violence around the world. Because of their work, people can not only live safely, they can farm safe land, build new houses and schools and children can walk without fear. Please donate to our page and help to support a safer future for millions of people.


MAG’s work has helped more than 17.7 million people in conflict-affected communities in over 40 countries since 1989, giving them greater safety and the opportunity to rebuild their lives, livelihoods and futures.


We help people to be safe from landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO), free from danger, free from fear. We find landmines before children do.

By removing unexploded landmines and UXO from land and destroying them, we enable communities to grow more food and make a better living, access better health services, and know that their children can walk to school in safety.

After MAG makes land safe, schools are improved and new ones constructed and refurbished, new homes built and agricultural land freed up.

Once roads are clear of landmines, trade routes can reopen, while NGOs and other organisations are able to reach remote areas to deliver humanitarian aid and development projects.

MAG has removed more than 4.7 million landmines and unexploded items – each one of which could have destroyed lives.


Simon’s MAG Bikes against bombs Bosnia 2022 Challenge!

From the 10th – 15th June 2022, Simon will be joining the sixth overseas Bikes against Bombs ride, it will see us cycle 300 hilly kilometres from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo. We’ve been told not to be fooled by the relatively short distance – much of this ride will be uphill as we cycle over Bosnia’s remote mountain passes and through dense forests into Sarajevo. With steep ascents and long days on the road, all in the summer sun, this ride will be a real challenge.

The team will aim to raise £100,000 for MAG so that even more landmines and unexploded bombs can be cleared from communities affected by conflict.

Please give to this amazing charity and support me on this challenge in June 2022



Simon’s MAG Cycle Cambodia 2020 Challenge!

After arriving in Siem Reap and visited the incredible UNESCO World Heritage site of Angkor Wat and watching the sunset from Pre Rup Temple. Our 300km cycling challenge took us from our hotels riding on jungle trails past the incredible temples taking in a MAG project and continuing on crossing the Pursat river to Kampong Chhnang. The final day entering the Kirirom National Park making a tough 620m climb. This pine forest park was once the holiday home of King Sihanouk, had wet season waterfalls, lush vegetation and incredible views of the Cardamom Mountains.

Fantastic support helped me raise another £5,000 for this amazing charity.


Simon’s MAG Cycle Vietnam 2019 Challenge!

Along with colleagues from the industry we started just outside Hanoi, we cycled to Ha Long Bay then to Hai Phong. From there we passed through Namh Dinh and across the Red River Delta to Thanh Hoa. Continuing South, we cycled on to the vibrant city of Vinh before concluding the challenge by the beach in Dong Hoi.

My colleagues, family and friends helped me raise £5,000 for this amazing charity and signed up immediately for MAG Cambodia 2020 Challenge on my return.